Take a Look at the Hotsy Wash Bay System



For businesses who maintain large fleets of vehicles, a mobile pressure washer may not be the most convenient or efficient cleaning option. For clients who need to get multiple large pieces of equipment cleaned in a timely fashion, Hotsy offers a customizable wash bay system that can be installed right on a company’s premises.

Take a look at the Hotsy Wash Bay system

Hotsy Wash Bay: how does it work?

Every wash bay installation is different, but typically a pressure washer of your choice will be installed in a remote equipment storage room adjacent to the wash bay area. Hot water pressure washers can be plumbed directly into your natural gas and water lines. In some cases, when a remote equipment room is not available, the pressure washer can be elevated to keep it clear of overspray.

The wash bay itself consists of a series of hose reels, trolley kits and swivel hose booms that allow operators to access large equipment from a variety of angles. Curtain walls can also be installed to compartmentalize the wash bay into different sections. This way, dirty equipment can be easily separated from pieces that have already been cleaned.

Other optional pieces such as water softeners and detergent tanks can also be installed as needed. You can see an example of a Hotsy wash bay system in this interactive infographic. Bear in mind, however, that this is just one potential wash bay layout. The design of each wash bay can be tailored to suit the needs of different clients.

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