Floor Sweepers: Why Choose a Floor Sweeper?



Floor sweepers are the prodigy of sweeping with a broom. No more bending down or leaving traces of dirt still on the floor from sweeping waste into the dustpan. No more pushing objects out of the way.
Floor Sweepers: Why Choose a Floor Sweeper?

What is a Floor Sweeper?

Floor sweepers are the prodigy of sweeping with a broom. Commercial floor sweepers remove dirt and other types of debris from surfaces using a roller brush that deposits waste into a container. Debris is collected and disposed of in the container as you clean the floor, making it a simple two-step process. Sweep and empty the waste container without the physical hardship of bending down when using a broom.

Types of Floor Sweepers: Commercial/Industrial Floor Sweepers

Find a floor sweeper that meets your cleaning needs, from small compact sweeper, and medium walk-behind sweepers, to large ride-on sweepers.

Manual/Mechanical Floor Sweeper

Mechanical floor sweepers work by human momentum. They are very simplistic and easy to operate. Pushing the sweeper forwards and backward forces the brushes to move in a rotary motion. While sweeping, dirt is automatically collected and disposed of into the dustbin.

Electric/Rechargeable Floor Sweeper

Electric floor sweepers either require a power outlet or a new battery. Instead of pushing the machine to work, the operator only needs to guide the unit.

Power cord length can vary among brands and models which can limit maneuverability. Battery life can limit allocated usage time.

Engine Floor Sweeper

Combustion engine floor sweepers allow for unlimited versatility. As long as they have fuel, they can run for as long or as little as needed.

Exhaust emissions limit the unit to only being used outdoors.

Compact Floor Sweepers

Compact floor sweepers are motorless and rely on the operator to push the unit to rotate the brushes. They are recommended for cleaning smaller areas - spot cleaning.

Manual sweepers are an affordable option for money-conscious consumers looking for a quick clean-up solution.

Walk-Behind Floor Sweepers

Walk-behind sweepers are when the operator either pushes or guides the machine from behind. Walk-behind floor sweepers can be manual or motorized. They are ideal for cleaning small to medium-sized areas.

Walk-behind sweepers are also an affordable option for consumers looking for a quick clean-up solution but for a larger space. They are capable of picking up dirt, dust, leaves, grass, paper, nails, screws, etc.

Ride-On Floor Sweepers

Ride-on floor sweepers are when the operator sits on the machine where they steer and control the motorized sweeper. These industrial sweepers can be electric, or engine based. They are ideal for cleaning small areas such as an elevator to large areas such as warehouses, where they can cover more ground faster and more efficiently.

Ride-on floor sweepers offer the operator a chance to reduce/minimize fatigue by not having to walk.

Ride-on floor sweepers are the top dog option for consumers looking to clean large spaces on an as-needed basis or as frequent as daily cleaning.

How do You Use a Floor Sweeper?

Floor sweepers use the rotation of the brush to pick up, collect, and deposit dirt and grime into a waste bin. Floor sweepers can have as little as one brush or as many as seven or more located in the front, back, corners, or in the middle of the unit.

The Direct Throw Method

The direct throw method sweeps dirt into a forward-mounted hopper. The brush rotates at a lower speed due to the shorter sweep path.

The cylindrical roller brooms only use 40% - 50% of the waste bins fill capacity. This method is ideal for low-dust sweeping and extending brush lifespan.

The Overthrow Method

The overthrow method sweeps dirt up and back into the waste bin. The brush rotates at a faster speed to be able to lift the debris up and back due to the longer sweep path.

This method utilizes 85% - 100% of the waste bin fill capacity. This is ideal for collecting coarse and light dirt. Models may or may not feature a dirt flap.

Why Choose a Floor Sweeper?

Floor sweepers are a great tool for sweeping debris, from small particles such as dust and dirt to larger particles like hair, small crumbs, and nails.

Rule of Thumb: Don't sweep up substances that will damage the bristles on the brush.

Floor Sweeper vs Broom

Using a floor sweeper is the luxury method of sweeping with a broom. Its better in every single way from speeding up the process to being more efficient in picking up substances.

Floor Sweeper vs Mop

Wet floors or moisture mixed with debris can hinder the performance of your floor sweeper. Damp substances can become too heavy for the bristles to collect and dispose of in the waste bin.

Floor Sweeper vs Vacuum Cleaner

A floor sweeper should not be a substitute for a vacuum. They are ideal for spot cleaning, quick or frequent clean-up jobs, and collecting dirt and debris that would damage your vacuum machine.

Floor sweepers are typically not as powerful as vacuums.

Benefits of a Floor Sweeper

Save Time

  • No more double sweeping areas to collect all the dirt into a pile.


  • The sweeper brushes can collect dirt and grime from uneven floors and reach under and around objects you typically have to move with a broom.


  • Simple to use and straightforward.


  • Stand or sit while you clean. No more crouching down for long periods.


  • Compact and walk-behind sweepers are lightweight. Ideal for mobility if you need to clean different areas in various locations.

Noise Level

  • The noise level is quiet during operation, so you don’t have to worry about causing distractions, disturbances, or interruptions.

Choosing a Floor Sweeper: What to Look For When Making a Decision

Cleanliness is of the upmost importance when wanting to create a great first impression and keeping a reoccurring clientele.

Did you Know: Studies show that people voted cleanliness as more important than customer service.

How can you keep a clean business? Here are some things to consider when making a purchasing decision.

Machine Size

  • Total square footage is a good indicator of what size machine you should get. To clean large areas, a ride-on sweeper would be more cost effective and efficient, rather than a walk-behind and vice versa.

  • Cleaning path is also a good indicator of what size machine to purchase. Will the sweeper fit? Are you cleaning wide open or tight spaces? Are you cleaning dead end areas where you have to turn around, or can you travel continuously in one direction.

Cleaning Capacity

  • How much ground can you cover in an hour? Will a walk-behind floor sweeper be efficient and fast enough? Will you need a ride-on floor sweeper to cover twice as much ground to speed up the cleaning process?

  • How much power do you need to sweep up the debris? A ride-on floor sweeper will be more powerful and able to pick up larger substances opposed to a walk-behind floor sweeper.

Wastebin Size

  • How much ground can you cover before you need to empty the bin? Will you need to dump it multiple times during one cleaning job, or will it last till the end of the job?

Motor Type

  • Sweeping indoors is best suited for manual or electric motor type. Sweeping outdoors is best suited for engine motor type due to emissions. Electric and manual can are also plausible options depending on debris type and space.

Machine Type

  • Floor sweepers are available as a manual, walk-behind, and ride-on option. Are you going to be cleaning one level or multiple levels where you might need a portable option?

  • Do you want a single brush or more for a faster cleaning job?

Cleaning Surface

  • Ride-on floor sweepers are best suited for smooth surfaces or tiled, whereas a walk-behind may be more versatile in efficiently collecting debris from uneven surfaces.

  • Are you cleaning heavier soils and debris where you need the power of a ride-on sweeper, or are you cleaning finer lightweight substances that a walk-behind sweeper can pick up?

Karcher Floor Sweeper: Walk-Behind Sweepers

Ready for the next step? Whether you are still wanting to research, request a product demo or a quote, or purchase one today you've come to the right place. We can get you in contact with a sales representative who is ready to answer any questions you may have or schedule a time to meet.

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