Blue Giant HVLS Fans: 11 Benefits of High Volume Low Speed Fans



HVLS fans are becoming an energy saving staple in industrial, commercial, and residential spaces. Why? What makes HVLS Fans a favorite among consumers? Keep reading to discover 12 benefits that HVLS fans offer.

Blue Giant HVLS Fan: 11 Benefits of High Volume Low Speed Fans

11 Benefits of high-volume low-speed fans

HVLS fans are generally ceiling fans that move slowly to distribute large amounts of air. They rely on the size of the blades rather than the speed to circulate the air.

1. Feel Cooler

The High Volume Low-Speed Fan is able to make the “feel like” temperature much lower than the actual temperature in the building. By evenly dispersing the cool air throughout the space, you can feel 10° - 15° cooler.

Keeping the workspace at a comfortable temperature can help employees stay productive.

2. Feel Warmer

Through a process called destratification, High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans are very effective in the winter. The fan equally distributes the warmer air with the cooler air to create an even temperature throughout the space.

When employees are comfortable, they are happier and thus more productive.

3. Reduce Costs

Reduce the cost of your bill by up to 50%.

It can also reduce building costs by lowering the required HVAC tonnage and ductwork.

4. Improve Air Quality

If your facility or building doesn’t have good air circulation, unhealthy air can stay stagnant within the building. Stagnant air can be extremely unhealthy for employees.

Installing an HVLS fan can help to ventilate the building more effectively and efficiently by creating consistent and balanced airflow throughout the space.

5. Healthier and Saver

Installing an HVLS fan can reduce condensation, corrosion, and mold. Reducing condensation on floors can prevent metal and other materials and equipment from rusting.

The slow-moving blades are also beneficial because they don’t kick up allergens and irritating dust and debris. In facilities where doors are kept open, HVLS fans can discourage birds from perching and nesting.

6. Safe Work Environment

HVLS fans are installed in the facility's ceiling which can save you space. Since the fan can be used all year round you don’t have to worry about finding a place to store it during the off-season.

Another safety perk is that it reduces the risk of tripping hazards for employees. You don’t have to worry about navigating around floor fans, tripping on cords, or making sure the fan(s) are plugged in.

7. Eco-Friendly

By installing HVLS fans, you can reduce your carbon footprint. No fossil fuels or harmful chemicals like refrigerants are needed. 

8. Energy Efficient

Blue Giant HVLS Fans rely on the size of the blades rather than the speed to control the temperature. The innovative blade design moves more air with less energy resulting in energy cost reduction of up to 30% during the winter and summer months.

Did you know that high-speed fans (like floor fans for instance) can actually take 6x’s more energy to run compared to HVLS fans?

9. Noise Level - Silent Operation

Has a rated noise level of less than 45 dBA. To give you an idea here are some comparisons:

Soft whisper at 4.5 meters - 30 dBA

Suburban area at night - 40 dBA

Bird twitter outside at 15 meters - 50 dBA

Household refrigerator - 55 dBA

10. Customizable Design

Choose what blade size you want. Blue Giant Gearbox Series has 3 models.

Falcon III - 3 Blade

- Blade sizes of 6’ (1.8m) to 14’ (4.3m)

- Covers 2,827 sq. ft.

Hawk V - 5 Blade

- Blade sizes of 10’ (3.0m) to 24’ (7.3m)

Eagle VI - 6 Blade

- Blade sizes of 12’ (3.6m) to 24’ (7.4m)

11. Autopilot Fan Controller

The 6” (153mm) x 3.375” (86mm) LCD touchscreen display panel creates a seamless experience for the operator. The touchscreen panel has an 800 x 480-pixel display and is password-enabled.

Control one or multiple Blue Giant fans individually or together. Change the fan rotation direction and speed, synchronize all fans, and ungroup fans to operate separately just with the touch of a button.

*Other Blue Giant fan controller options are available: Touch-N-Go, Touch-N-Go Premier, Multi-Yoke Controllers, Radar Fan Controller, VLD Fan Controller, and UltraLite-Fan-Controller.

High Volume Low-Speed Fan (Blue Giant HVLS Fan) for Sale

The Blue Giant HVLS Fan is ranked one of the best heavy-duty industrial fans. From its economic efficiency to cost savings, eco-friendly, exhaust-free, and low-noise features, it’s a great value. You can see a return on investment in less than two years.

Ready to have a Blue Giant HVLS Fan installed? Contact us today to talk with one of the experts. We would be happy to schedule a time for someone to come out and give you a free estimate.

 Give us a call anytime, request a quote, or fill out our contact us form and one of our team members will be in touch.

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