10 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Pressure Washer

10 Questions to ask before buying your pressure washer

Find the perfect machine while avoiding the common pitfalls. 

Whether you’re upgrading your current pressure washer or purchasing one for the first time, there are dozens of considerations that go into making the correct decision.

Hot vs. cold, stationary vs. portable, electric vs. gas-powered — we’ve got you covered!

Find answers to these questions and more in our guide, and remember to save this guide to reference throughout your search for a new pressure washer.

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Question 2: Do I Need a Cold or Hot Water Pressure Washer?

After deciding between rentals and purchases, it’s time to get into pressure washers specifics. Those making a pressure washer purchase for the first time may instantly gravitate towards a cold or hot water pressure washer solely based on price. More on that later, but it’s crucial to understand the difference between cold and hot water pressure washers before making your purchase.

Cold Water Pressure Washers

Cold pressure washers are perfect for removing dirt and grime from a variety of surfaces, including vehicles, concrete, plastic, and wood. These machines blast cold water onto the surface with enough force to cut through the dirt or grime that is caked on. The higher the water pressure, the higher the cleaning power.

Industries: Construction, Car Detailers, Agriculture

Hot Water Pressure Washers

Have you ever washed your hands using cold water after handling something oily? If so, you know that it’s virtually impossible to cut through the oil using just cold water, and you only end up with half-clean hands. Now think about that same situation, but maximize the surface size to that of commercial kitchens or oil rigs. Whereas cold pressure washers clean by pressure, hot water actually cuts through the viscosity of oil and grease and essentially melts it away to thoroughly clean the surface.

Industries: Food Services, Oil & Gas

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