Sanitizing With Your Pressure Washer



In today’s world, cleaning and sanitizing has become more important than ever. Maintaining a clean home and business is essential to stop the spread of germs and diseases. High-traffic areas have to be routinely cleaned. The best way to achieve a thorough clean is to use a pressure washer.

Pressure washers use high intensity water and detergent to break up dirt and grime and remove other germs that are not visible to the naked eye.

When operating a pressure washer, it is crucial to have full understanding of the machine and take the proper precautions during operation. 

Sanitizing With Your Pressure Washer

Here Are a Few Quick Safety Tips for Operating a Pressure Washer:

Before you begin use, always test a small area of the surface you will be cleaning. Not all surfaces require the same amount of pressure so it is important to use the right pressure to uphold the integrity of the surface.

Never pressure wash on uneven ground or on a ladder. The intensity of the washer can cause a kickback, similar to operating a firearm. This can cause you to lose your balance, which is why you should always pressure wash while standing on even ground.

Never aim a pressure washer at anyone. The intensity of the water can cause external and internal damage and should only be aimed at surfaces that will be cleaned. 

Surfaces to Clean:

There are many areas that must be cleaned, here is a list of surfaces to remember:

  • Doorways & other High-traffic Entryways
  • Driveways
  • Parking Lots – concrete is a porous material that can hold germs and dirt.
  • Decks
  • Sidewalks
  • Cars
  • Restrooms 

The Difference between Cleaning Sanitizing, and Disinfecting

According to the CDC, cleaning removes germs, disinfecting kills germs and sanitizing lowers the number of germs.

These are all similar processes, but the outcome varies depending on the method used. Cleaning is generally done with soap and water. This removes germs by washing them away. Although cleaning does help to remove germs, it is best used in conjunction with a sanitizer to kill germs. This helps significantly lower the number of germs present on a surface. 

Choosing the Right Detergent

Hotsy’s super concentrated detergents are designed to increase the efficacy and efficiency of your pressure washer by providing it with the extra resources needed to remove even the most stubborn stuck-on dirt. Each of Hotsy’s detergents is intended for different applications, and in this entry we’ll look at a few of your options.

Hotsy Salt Lick

As the name suggests, this detergent is designed for de-icing and salt removal applications. Ideal for cleaning paved surfaces that have been treated with rock salt over the winter, Salt Lick can help to preserve asphalt and concrete from the corrosive effects of sodium chloride.

Hotsy Salt Lick road salt remover

Hotsy Brown

Hotsy designed this detergent specifically for use in oil fields where hot water alone is often not enough to effectively clean soiled surfaces.

Hotsy Brown pressure washer detergent

Hotsy Carbochlor

Hotsy’s leading detergent for use in food service applications. It’s important to note here that all of Hotsy’s detergents are biodegradable, and many are rated for use around food personnel. Carbochlor constitutes the best option for cleaning food prep areas.

Hotsy Carbochlor pressure washer detergent

Hotsy Citrus Clean

This product is actually a supplement that adds the degreasing power of citric acid to other Hotsy Detergents – a very helpful addition for cleaning especially dirty surfaces.

Hotsy Breakthrough

If you’re not sure which detergent will serve you best, Hotsy’s leading all-purpose detergent offers a versatile solution to a variety of problems. Powerful enough to remove caked-on grease, but gentle enough for use on automobile finishes.

Want to learn more about all the Hotsy brand products available at NorTex Sales & Service? Give us a call or stop in today for more information.

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