Diesel: Delivering Heat When You Need It



One of the things we love most about Hotsy is that they provide so many fuel and heating options to suit the needs of different industries. From electric hot water options for indoor applications to versatile fuel-oil heated washers for rugged agricultural needs, Hotsy makes pressure washers designed to tackle just about any job you can think of. Today, we’ll highlight the remarkable speed and efficiency of their diesel fueled and heated models.

Perhaps the greatest virtue of diesel heated pressure washers is their ability to heat water very quickly. Rather than having to wait for your pressure washer to warm up, you can deliver on-demand hot water to soiled surfaces to get them cleaned quickly and easily. These powerhouse pressure washers are designed to cut through even the most stubborn caked-on grit and grime.

The Super Skid HSS diesel series represents the largest and most powerful hot water pressure washer available from Hotsy. Their output ranges from 2500 to 3500 PSI and they’re powered by rugged 16 & 24 HP engines manufactured by Kubota. They also feature dual fuel tanks to allow for longer periods of operation on especially large jobs. The Super-Duty HSDS variants are also outfitted with a low RPM Hawk pump to ensure long-lasting service.

When all else fails, you can trust in the instant heat and strength of Hotsy’s diesel fueled and fired pressure washers. Want to learn more about all the Hotsy products available at NorTex Sales & Service? Give us a call or stop in today for more information.

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