5 Surprising Items to Clean with a Pressure Washer



Notorious for ripping through dirt and grime, pressure washers remove muck from fences, tidy up your deck, and give your house siding a fresh look.

As strong as they are, however, pressure washers go beyond performing solely heavy-duty tasks.

Here are five other surprising items you can clean with a pressure washer.

1. Outdoor furniture (including cushions!)

When it comes to cleaning, outdoor furniture often goes untouched. When you go to pressure wash your deck or patio, give your outdoor chairs a quick spray down, as well.

Strong outdoor fabrics can also stand the pressure, so don’t be afraid to give your outdoor cushions and pillows a good clean!

2. Kid's toys

Use your pressure washer on your kid’s outdoor toys to keep them looking nicer for longer. From bikes and scooters to other ride-on toys, a pressure washer with the right setting can safely and efficiently cut through the grime and dirt on your kid’s outdoor playthings.

3. garbage cans

Trashcans are meant to be dirty, right?

We often neglect the vessels that hide our weekly trash, thinking they do not need to be cleaned. However, when your garbage can start reeking, it is time for a quick pressure wash with some detergent to really blast away the stench.

4. pest nests

Keeping safety in mind, you could use your pressure washer as a tool for ridding your gutters and corners of spider webs and pest nests. Of course, make sure the pests are gone and the nest is abandoned before spraying the areas to avoid injury from angry insects.

5. outdoor grills

Maybe you thought you couldn’t use your pressure washer on your grill for fear of damaging its electrical aspects. However, using a pressure washer on an outdoor grill helps to easily rid the surface of stuck-on food and grease particles. Be sure to disconnect the electric start and propane tank before cleaning.

Ready to see what else your pressure washer can do? At NorTex Sales & Service, we know CLEAN. Give us a call at 1-800-652-2864 with any questions you may have and to learn more about what a Hotsy industrial hot water or cold-water pressure washer can do for you!

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