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As a general contractor hired for a plethora of cleaning jobs in various locations, how often do you need to use a hot water pressure washer? If it's only occasional, those thoughts you have of buying a pressure washer should get a second look.

These are expensive cleaning machines that require thorough upkeep. However, if you only use one for the toughest cleaning jobs, pressure washer rental may be the best choice. Rental equipment has become the new way to save money when you don't have much capital to invest in larger cleaning tools. Our team at NorTex Sales & Service has put together this guide to help you understand when and how to rent a pressure washer.

Does a Hot Water Pressure Washer Rental Make More Sense?

Pressure washer rental is a very smart idea in certain situations. Three specific scenarios might play out where renting would save you time and money.

Testing the Equipment

A benefit of renting is you don't have to sign a contract and be stuck with that pressure washer for a long duration of time. When you rent from the right places, you can do a test of the washer over a weekend to ensure you have the proper one for the job.

In this case, you could rent the pressure washer to use at your own home in a test cleaning simulation. It gives you time to take it back and find another so you don't waste any effort.

If you recently bought a pressure washer on impulse, imagine how difficult it becomes trying to return it. While many stores selling these washers do offer return processes, you have to re-box the washer and go through a returns department. Even then, you would have wasted time getting what you really needed.

At NorTex Sales & Service, we'll let you test numerous top-tier water pressure brands before you commit to purchasing your own.

Cleaning on Contract

Working on a contract may mean only needing specific cleaning equipment at specific times. Why invest in an expensive pressure washer and only use it once in a while for specialized cleaning tasks?

Those of you who work on contract would do better to rent your hot water pressure washer at the times when it's essential. No one says you have to only rent once and then wait months until you do so again.

Renting can be done at any time of the year, even if you already own other cleaning machines. Perhaps you've already invested in some kind of pressure washer, yet need a higher quality one for a particularly tough cleanup. It makes sense to use more expensive equipment only when you need to so you get your money's worth.

Infrequent use of your Pressure Washer

Another problem with investing in a hot water pressure washer is the fact that it can deteriorate if it sits around for long periods. Did you know that if you let it sit for any length of time, it can cause expensive damage?

Occasional use may mean not really knowing how to operate the washer correctly. As Bob Vila points out, not using a pressure washer in the right way can often lead to serious damage.

Letting the washer sit idle could also create further problems. Many users who place pressure washers in idle mode during use forget to pull the trigger. If you don't, water is going to stay in the pump. Storing it away with the water still in there could cause mold to build up. Plus, the hot water in the pump could melt the pump seals in the immediate term.

Rather than take that pressure washer out several times per year, renting when necessary solves the issue and saves you thousands of dollars in potential repair bills. That said, our team at NorTex does offer maintenance on any cleaning equipment you already own.

How to Rent Hot Water Pressure Washers

Where can you turn to rent the best hot water pressure washers on the market today? NorTex is there to educate you on how the rental system works and ensure you get the best possible pressure washer for the cleaning task at hand.

Take a look at a few things you need to know before renting:

Understand Your Pressure Washer Needs

Each pressure washer has different features to help you make a smarter renting decision. The first of these is deciding whether you need a hot water or cold-water model. Hot water pressure waters are able to clean more thoroughly and faster. If you have to clean off grease or oil, consider hot water from the get-go.

You also need to decide whether you'll use an electric or gas version. Either works well, though you may not have access to an electrical outlet, hence a gas version being useful in some situations.

NorTex is a certified Hotsy® seller, ensuring you have access to the best hot and cold pressure washers in the industry.

Rent From Those Who Can Train You on Equipment Use

Some of you may be renting a hot water pressure washer for the first time. Without a little training, you might have some challenges. Always find a rental dealer that has a staff willing to give you or your staff some training time.

Here at NorTex, we do offer training, so you'll become expert pressure washer users in hours.

Shop For The Best Rental Prices and Weekend Specials

NorTex offers lower rental rates on weekends, giving you a chance to rent a top-tier pressure washer at lower rates than many of our competitors. Always look for discounts at rental outlets, because they're frequently generous.

Those of you who live in the Dallas, Texas area who operate cleaning businesses can depend on NorTex Sales & Service to help give you the quality you've been trying to find. Take some time to realize the value of renting over buying to help make your cleaning business more profitable.

Contact us to learn more about our rental procedures and rates.

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