Differences Between Direct Drive and Belt Drive Pumps



The pump is the heart of your Hotsy pressure washer. Depending on the model of pressure washer you choose, the pump will fall into one of two distinct categories: direct drive and belt drive. Each of these options has its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks. Today we’ll take a moment to compare and contrast these two different types of pumps.

Differences between direct drive and belt drive pumps

direct drive

Of the two pump types, these are the most mechanically simple option. In a direct drive pump, a hollow shaft slides directly onto the drive shaft of the motor. Likewise, the pump RPM is always the same as the engine RPM. This makes for a simple design with very few moving parts, but because the pump spins continuously at a very high RPM, bearings and other components can wear out faster than they would in a belt drive pump. They are also unable to draw water from a standing water source, so water must be forced into the pump with a hose. Generally speaking, direct drive pumps are more economical, but not as long-lived as their belt-driven counterparts. Hotsy’s Model 680SS is an example of a pressure washer that uses a direct drive pump.

belt drive

Rather than being connected directly to an engine’s drive shaft, belt drive pumps are connected to a pressure washer’s motor by way of a belt and pulley system. This allows them to spin at a much lower RPM than direct drive pumps. Belt drive pump crankcases also have higher oil capacities. The lower RPM in conjunction with the additional oil allows them to run cooler than direct drive pumps. Due to the friction between belts and pulleys they’re not quite as efficient as direct drive pumps, but they have very long lifespans. Hotsy’s 1800 Series pressure washers use belt drive pumps.

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