Vital Oxide a Vital Tool to Fight Flu



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The 2017-18 flu season has been one of the worst on record, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention saying that it reached epidemic levels. USA Today reports that more than 80 children have died from the virus by march, as the severe strain of the bug spread across the country. In the light of this, many are striving to do all they can to prevent spreading the flu any further, and there’s a perfect solution in Vital Oxide.

Vital Oxide a Vital Tool to Flight Flu

what is vital oxide?

Vital Oxide – available from NorTex Sales & Service – is an odorless, colorless and non-corrosive disinfectant that is incredibly efficient at sanitizing surfaces. In fact, Vital Oxide is EPA-registered as a hospital disinfectant cleaner, and is capable of being used in a spray or fog, or mixed into a foaming solution. It’s also safe to use without mixing or rinsing, allowing it to be used as a spot cleaner when needed.

While rated for hospital use, it’s also an ideal solution for cleaning and sanitizing anywhere that you need to keep clean. Since it is safe to use without rinsing, Vital Oxide is perfect for use at home, at the office, in schools and other public facilities where there’s a lot of people – and opportunity for germs to spread. It’s also commonly used with food service, as it complies with the requirements of the Sanitary Transportation Rule – as we discussed in a previous blog – and can also help eliminate hazards and odors from animal waste in agricultural use.

how vital oxide works

Unlike other cleaners, Vital Oxide targets viruses, bacteria and other contaminants at a chemical level. Vital Oxide targets amino acids that contain sulfur and oxidizes microbial life, rupturing the cell walls of these microscopic lifeforms and killing them, eliminating the risk of contamination. It also leaves no harmful byproducts behind – only salt – making it useful for disinfecting surfaces in nearly any setting. Plus, with no odor, it is even easy on the senses during and after treatment.

Vital Oxide by the Numbers

As a cleaner, Vital Oxide also impresses with its efficacy, with an amazing sanitation rate with a diverse range of common bacteria and viruses. Taking a look at the numbers:

  • E. Coli – 99.999 percent kill after a 30-second contact time
  • Staphylococcus aureus – 99.999 percent kill after a 30-second contact time
  • Swine influenza – Complete inactivation after a 5-minute contact time
  • Listeria monocytogenes – Disinfection after 10-minute contact time
  • Rotavirus – Complete inactivation after a 5-minute contact time

Vital Oxide is also effective at cleaning other microbial life, including bacteria like salmonella, mold, mildew, yeast, fungi and others, giving it a number of other applications, as well.

Vital Oxide vs. Bleach

While bleach may be more commonly known, Vital Oxide offers several advantages over this classic cleaner. Both Vital Oxide and bleach contain chlorine, but the two differ chemically. Bleach molecules are larger, making it less capable of penetrating into porous surfaces to provide a comprehensive sanitation. Vital Oxide also breaks down to a simple salt, while bleach is much more highly corrosive and can wear away at organic materials.

Bleach is also well known for its highly pungent smell, which can make it difficult and even dangerous to work with in an enclosed space. Vital Oxide, on the other hand, is odor free. Vital Oxide is also less corrosive, and is used to disinfect meat, seafood and water sources, and also can help eliminate odor-causing particles to permanently remove foul smells.

Wash, Then Treat

While Vital Oxide is a wide-purpose sanitizer, it still requires a pre-cleaned surface to effectively sanitize. For exceptionally dirty surfaces, you should first wash and rinse to clear away built-up dirt, grime and grease. Afterward, spray, wipe or fog with Vital Oxide to deliver a completely clean and sanitized surface. See for yourself how fast Vital Oxide can clean in this demonstration video.

we know clean

At NorTex Sales & Service offer Vital Oxide in 1-gallon containers and 55-gallon drums. Pair Vital Oxide with any of our powerful cleaning power washers, and make cleaning your machinery, equipment and other surfaces a breeze. To learn more, give NorTex Sales & Service a call today.

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