Reasons to Choose Hotsy Brand Detergents



When you’ve got a really dirty job to tackle, sometimes water alone isn’t enough to cut through the grit and grime. That’s when it’s time to fortify your pressure washer with an industrial detergent for additional cleaning power. There are plenty of different detergent options on the market, but not all are created equal. Here at NorTex Sales & Service, we always recommend Hotsy brand detergents to give our customers the best possible results. Why?

Reasons to Choose Hotsy Detergents

Highly Specialized

Rather than offering one catch-all detergent, Hotsy manufactures a variety of different detergents for various applications. From food-safe options to powerful degreasers, Hotsy makes a detergent for just about every occasion.

multi-component formulas

Many of Hotsy’s detergents feature multiple cleaning agents that work in conjunction with one another to deliver superior cleaning performance. This can give you a big leg up on even the most soiled surfaces.

made for pressure washing

In addition to the cleaning agents they contain, Hotsy’s detergents also feature corrosion inhibitors and de-scalers designed to protect the internal components of your pressure washer. This can reduce the likelihood of equipment failures and keep your pressure washer in peak working order.

highly concentrated

Because they’re not pre-diluted, Hotsy’s detergents are also more economical than many other detergents. You can also buy them in bulk to save even more money and avoid running out of detergent when you need it most.

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