Keep Bugs at Bay with Vital Oxide



Safe and effective sanitization for back to school

As summer winds down, the school year ramps back up, and with it comes an increased risk of sickness. As children congregate, common colds and flus are often transmitted throughout a class, with each student stricken in turn with a case of the sniffles – or worse. Maintaining a clean and sanitary environment helps, but it can seem difficult to manage when students are in and out all day, carrying germs with them throughout a school building.

With Vital Oxide, available from NorTex Sales & Service, it doesn’t have to be.

Keep Bugs at Bay with Vital Oxide

About Vital Oxide

Vital Oxide is an odorless and noncorrosive disinfection solution that is useful in a wide variety of settings. Due to its cleaning and sanitization properties, it’s a trusted solution in even the most sensitive of environments, like hospitals. Safe to use around people and animals, this solution is easy to mist or spray with a bottle, apply using a fogger or even used as a foaming solution. Plus, it is designed to naturally evaporate, leaving behind safe and sanitized surfaces.

Not only is Vital Oxide odorless, but it helps eliminate odors. By attaching the bacteria and other substances that cause noxious smells, it removes the cause of the problem and makes unwanted odors a thing of the past. It’s also great at attacking molds, spores, fungi and other types of microbial life, eliminating these threats and creating a healthier environment.

What's In Vital Oxide?

Unlike many cleaners that rely on harsh or caustic chemicals to clean, Vital Oxide is all natural. It is chlorine dioxide, and while it may sound like a chemical, it should not be confused with chlorine bleach. Instead, Vital Oxide stable and safe, and when sprayed or fogged onto a surface, it evaporates and leaves just a simple salt behind.

As an EPA-registered disinfectant, Vital Oxide is fully safe to use in a variety of situations to kill viral and bacterial contaminants while still being completely safe around people and animals. In fact, it is considered a category 4 disinfectant with no exposure warnings or risks with the exception of causing potential mild eye irritation.

How does vital oxide work?

As mentioned above, Vital Oxide is chlorine dioxide – a stable substance that, at a molecular level, wants to bond with other molecules with extra electrons, like bacteria, viruses and molds. When this happens, the resulting interaction attacks proteins like those that form cell walls, causing them to rupture and killing the cell.


Because it works as an oxidizer, this process also leaves behind just simple sodium chloride – the same stuff in table salt. Don’t let the “chlorine” scare you – the chemical process is sound, and has been studied numerous times by university and government researchers and found to be safe and effective.

Learn more in Vital Oxide’s presentation.

Safe on Fabrics, Safe on Surfaces

One of the biggest benefits of Vital Oxide is that it’s not just safe to use on hard surfaces like metal or laminate countertops – it’s also perfectly safe to use on carpets or fabrics. In fact, it’s widely praised for its usefulness in cleaning, deodorizing and sanitizing these surfaces while not causing any issues with color fading or bleeding. This makes it exceptionally useful in homes with pets or smoke odors, while also attacking allergens, molds, dust mites and more.


In fact, Vital Oxide has received a Seal of Approval from The Carpet and Rug Institute. This seal is given to products that are tested for overall cleaning effectiveness, rate of resoiling, pH, surface texture change, use of optical brighteners and colorfastness, among other factors.

Strong and Safe

Vital Oxide has a long history of use in hospitals and even public water supply sterilization, but it’s also seeing use in many public spaces, including schools. Because it is safe around humans, it’s a perfect solution for use in educational environments. Vital Oxide does not need to be diluted or mixed to use, so teachers can simply mist desks, tables and even carpets and backpacks between classes or at the end of the day to treat and eliminate bacteria and viruses that cause illness, helping everyone stay healthier and happier.


It’s also safe in food environments as well, meaning that it can be used to sanitize food counters and prep areas. This helps eliminate the risk of food-borne diseases and infections and helps make for safer places to cook, serve and dine for everyone. Vital Oxide is also popular in farming and animal handling businesses, allowing for the sterilization of animal stalls and feed containers, while also helping to control odors and reduce the risk of disease transmission or infection.


See for yourself how simple it is to apply and how safe it is to be around in this video.

A Powerful Partner to CLEAN

With all of Vital Oxide’s benefits, it’s easy to see why it’s one of the top-selling products here at NorTex Sales & Service. However, it’s only one part of CLEAN – our philosophy to drive efficiency, effectiveness and safety with your cleaning operations.


For something to be truly CLEAN, it needs to first be – well, cleaned! Vital Oxide is most effective on surfaces that are already free of caked on dirt, grime, grease and other substances. When these items are present, they interfere with Vital Oxide’s ability to contact the surface that needs to be cleaned. That means that dirt itself can interfere with its sanitizing power, limiting or even preventing the ability for surfaces to be sanitized.


With a CLEAN mentality, you can handle this with ease. For large projects, using a pressure washer to first remove the bulk of soils can leave a surface ready for treatment with Vital Oxide. In fact, you can even use Vital Oxide as a detergent and mix it with your existing steamer or pressure washer to apply it as part of your overall cleaning process. In smaller applications, using cleaning wipes and soaps can free debris and dirt from your surface and leave it ready for spraying, misting or fogging.

Deter Dirt with Detergent

How effective is your detergent at removing dirt? At removing grease? What about sanitizing? If you’re using the wrong solutions, you could be pouring money down the drain every time you clean.


At NorTex Sales & Service, we know CLEAN and that means we can help make sure that your operation is running not only effectively and efficiently, but safely – both for operators and for the surfaces being cleaned and sanitized. Our Chemical & Detergent PlayBook is part of our on-site evaluation process that helps customers make the most of their detergent use and purchases.


Through our evaluation, we take a close look at the equipment you use, the different applications where you need detergents, how the quality of your water may impact operations, what safety concerns exist on job sites, the type of surfaces that need to be cleaned, and your current soap and detergent use.


By taking a holistic look at all these factors, the technicians at NorTex Sales & Service can help you determine if you’re using the right solution for your jobs or if you’re wasting money by using too much of a solution. We can also help you identify factors that may be impacting your cleaning operations, resulting in inefficient cleaning, or suggest new alternative detergents or accessories for your equipment that can help you work CLEAN – efficiently, effectively and safely – every day.

stay clean, stay sanitized with vital oxide

With the new school year now ramping up, now’s the time to make sure you’re ready to keep bugs at bay all throughout the year. We all remember how intense the flu season was last year, and with current concerns about the spread of hand, foot and mouth disease and the unknown severity of a new flu season yet to come, it’s best to be safe and prepared for anything.


Let NorTex Sales & Service help make sure you have everything you need to stay on top of CLEAN. Give us a call today at 800.280.5961 to schedule your complimentary on-site consultation.

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