Cleaning Your Truck with A Pressure Washer



If you are a trucker, you’re probably on the road a lot, often days at a time, with little rest and sleep.

The last thing you want to worry about is how much wear and tear is being done to your vehicle over those long stretches of time. Your big rig travels through many brutal elements, like sleet, heavy snow, mud, sand, and rocky terrain. The same goes for construction equipment used year-round.

Only one kind of detergent can wipe away the evidence of harsh road travel, and that’s the Hotsy Brand.

Here is a list of the different Hotsy detergents and how their best uses:

Cleaning your truck with a pressure washer

Hotsy Detergents

Fleet Wash

Potent enough to scrub away road grime but gentle enough to glide over finished paint, the Hotsy Fleet Wash solution can be used on stainless steel, heavy equipment, fiberglass structures, and aluminum. It can be applied to RVs, trucks, buses, trailers, mobile homes, and more.

Hotsy Red

This detergent is your go-to for heavy duty cleaning of trucks and RVs. Biodegradable and kosher approved, the Hotsy Red solution is a tough engine cleaner, as well as a substantial cleaner of fifth wheels and bug residue.


Make diesel smoke stains, road film, and gummy grease residue vanish in an instant with this high performing detergent. Exceptionally effective on windows, walls, and kitchen equipment, Nytro blasts away the filth left by undisposed food and cooking oil as well.

Panel Wash

This is a leading product in the transportation and trucking industry for its amazing salt removing ability, as well as its elimination of exhaust trails and asphalt marring. The solution is mixed with a small portion of caustic and should be used as a “pre-spray” on hidden soil.

Once you have selected the right detergent it is time to clean the dirt and grime from your vehicle. Pressure washing works well for cars or trucks that are frequently used, off roading vehicles, and long-distance trucking.

Be sure to select the correct pressurized tip

It is best to use a 25-degree tip because it is ideal for car surfaces and won’t damage the paint job. You can use a higher degree tip to remove dirt from the tires. If you want access to a variety of pressurized tips, you might want to consider buying a spray nozzle kit, such as the Legacy 4 and 5 pk Nozzle Kit, which includes green, white, and black tips and are color-coded according to spray angle, from 0 degrees to 25 and 40 degrees.

be sure that you park your truck in a safe place away from other cars, objects, and people

The intensity of the water from a pressure washer can be damaging to surrounding objects.


Before rinsing the car, spray some water from the washer on the ground to check the pressure of the water. When using the washer on the car, try to spray the water downward on the car’s surface.

Rinse Your Truck Thoroughly Before Applying The Detergent

This will help remove debris and provide a smoother surface for when you use the detergent for a deeper clean.

Now you can begin using the detergent and hosing down your truck’s exterior. Once the car has been completely rinsed you can wash the soap off and use a towel to dry it for a streak-free shine.

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