3 Ways to Properly Reuse Your Used Oil



Companies across several industries accumulate waste oil every day and normally, many of those companies go through the process of disposing of it—properly and safely, of course, but what if it could serve another purpose?

3 Ways to Properly Reuse your Used Oil

Used Oil can be easily recycled

Reconditioning Used Oil

This process takes place on site and essentially brings your used oil back to its former glory—almost. Reconditioning allows you to remove any impurities that the oil contains and reuse the oil as you normally would, lengthening the oil’s lifespan but not its overall quality.

Re-refining Used Oil

This process saves energy and keeps you from bringing more oil into the workplace. By re-refining the oil, you are removing the impurities and then utilizing the treated oil to act as a base for new oil.

Processing and Burning Used Oil

This process removes all of the water from the waste oil and is then used to generate heat or power. This is the most energy-efficient way to recycle your used oil, giving it a new purpose producing clean heat and power.

generating heat in your workplace with a clean burn waste oil heater

Also known as used oil furnaces, a waste oil heater provides you a safe way to dispose of your used oil. This well-oiled machine allows you to dispose of your oil on site while simultaneously producing clean, toxin-free heated air to keep your employees safe and comfortable.

Clean Burn can efficiently burn a wide variety of waste oil, even if it’s mixed. From standard heaters, ducted heaters or boilers utilizing in-floor hot water, there is a used oil furnace to meet your needs.

At NorTex Sales & Service, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to help you with your waste oil furnace needs. Give us a call at 800-652-2864 today to learn more about the Clean Burn waste oil heaters available with us!

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