Hotsy 900/1400 Series Hot Water Pressure Washer

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Hotsy's Stationery Heavy-Duty Hot Water Pressure Washer.


The 900/1400 Series Industrial Pressure Washers are innovative stationary models packed with standard features to take on any heavy-duty industrial cleaning job.


Safety is key with a pressure relief valve and locking lid and side panels around the belt and pulleys to keep users safe. Not only does it include removable side panels for easy maintenance access, but it also has smart control programming, heavy-duty components, a powder coat paint finish, and so much more. 

Smart Relay Control provides control over run time, auto start/stop, and shutdown functionality.


All models are ETL safety certified and feature the Hotsy pump backed by a full 7-year limited warranty. All models come equipped with a 50' high-pressure hose, lance, nozzles, and trigger gun.



  • NG or LP-Fired
  • Electric
  • Belt-Drive

    Model Numbers & Product Specs

    921P423006.2208 / 132LP
    921N423006.2208 / 132NG
    926P420005575 / 37LP
    926N420005575 / 37NG
    942P420005208 / 318LP
    942N420005205 / 318NG
    943P420005230 / 125LP
    943N420005230 / 125NG
    944P420005230 / 316LP
    944N420005230 / 316NG
    945P420005460 / 38LP
    945N420005460 / 38/NG


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    Our products are designed to last for the long haul, but it's a fact of life that complex machinery requires planned, specialized maintenance.

    Our factory technicians will ensure that your equipment is safe to use and ready to work as hard as you do.


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