7 Pressure Washer Detergents for Specific Industries

Selecting the right pressure washer detergent is a crucial step for all cleaning professionals. 

Just like dish soaps and laundry detergents, pressure washer detergents are made with different capabilities for different industries. Use the right one and you’ll notice a more complete clean than ever before; use the wrong one and you could create costly damage to both your machine and whatever you’re cleaning.

Read along to learn more about seven different detergents, then contact us at NorTex Sales & Service to make your purchase.

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Learn about the different detergents and the specific industries they are used in. Industries include: 


For professionals in the transportation industry, your biggest worry is finding a detergent that successfully removes dirt and grime that your fleets accumulate without damaging the paint and/or body of the vehicle. Here are four of the best detergents to consider...

Oil and Gas

You need to cut through accumulated oil to ensure rigs and supporting equipment remain operational. Here are two of the best detergents to consider...


For professionals in the food processing industry, nothing is more important than maintaining a clean environment that allows you to pass inspection and continue your production. You need a detergent that

not only cleans away grease, dirt, and grime, but also disinfects the surface in the process...

Learn more about the 7 Pressure Washer Detergents for different industries here by downloading the PDF!

7 Pressure Washer Detergents for Industries Catalog

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