7 Features of the Val6 Heater

Do you know the benefits of a space heater?

It can be challenging to determine which space heater is best for your situation. There are plenty of options available.

Here at NorTex Sales and Service, we are your number one source for finding a space heater that will fit your needs. We have compiled this simple guide to help you learn the unique features of the Val6 infrared heater.

Learn more and keep this guide handy to take full advantage of all the Val6 heater features.

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Learn about the features of the Val6 heater and why it's worth the investment. Topics include: 

Radiant Heat

Radiant heat utilizes infrared radiation, which is the transfer of thermal energy in the form of electromagnetic waves. The Val6 heaters use radiant heat...


When it comes to heaters, the higher the BTU, the more fuel it will use. Val6 heaters run on only one-third of the fuel conventional heaters use...

Quiet & Clean

Val6 radiant heaters don't use fans to project warm air like convection heaters. Instead, they produce the heat internally and silently transmit it to surrounding objects and people ...


While Val6 heaters come in a variety of sizes, all of them are portable. Most have wheels, so you can easily move them to where you need them to go. Val6 heaters are also able to be powered from your ...

Learn more about the unique features of the Val6 heater and why it's worth the investment, download the PDF!

7 features of the Val6 heater Guide

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