What Do You Need in a Pressure Washer Wand?



A pressure washer can be very versatile when it comes to successfully completing the different cleaning projects you have filling up your to-do list. It’s a well-oiled machine and can tackle mostly any job. However, an extension wand can take your cleaning to the next level.

Equipped with a pressure washer wand in hand, you’ll be able to tackle every job set it front of you!

What do you need in a pressure washer wand

watch the weight

This specific pressure washer accessory helps you reach great heights in your cleaning abilities. However, this also means you will be holding this part above your head for the majority of your home projects. That’s why it’s essential you pay attention to the weight of the pressure washer wand you choose. The accessory is supposed to make the job easier on you, so don’t sign up for holding that many pounds over your head!

consider what and where you're trying to clean

There are several types of extension wands to choose from based on the different areas of your home or vehicle you want to clean. There are angled wands that make cleaning the underneath of your car a breeze, and there are lengthy telescoping wands that allow you to keep your feet on the ground while cleaning up to three stories high. Be sure you understand fully the purpose of the extension wand you set your eye on before buying!

make sure your pressure washer likes the extension wand you choose

Not every extension wand fits perfectly with every pressure washer. Some need a specific part attached to achieve a proper connection. Be sure to ask the manufacturer or distributor about the connection style before purchasing.

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