Keep Workspaces Warm With a Val6 EPX Heater



 During cold weather months, many organizations look for options to keep colder workspaces warm. Workshops and garages are typically colder because of concrete floors, drafty doors, a lack of insulation and no central heating source. Space heaters can help offset the cooler temperatures to keep employees warmer and therefore, happier during these months. 

keep workspaces warm with a Val6 EPX Heater

Characteristics of a Val6 epx heater

One of the best space heaters on the market is the Val6 EPX heater. This heater offers radiant heating solutions that heats objects in a room rather than the air itself. This provides heat quicker and more efficiently than other types of heaters. Radiant heaters also work more efficiently in drafty and often colder spaces, such as workshops. Since they don’t utilize a fan to blow air, the Val6 EPX heater is quieter and cleaner and won’t stir up dust that can negatively impact anyone with allergies. 


Thanks to their innovative combustion chamber, 20% larger radiation disk, and improved atomization, the Val6 EPX offers higher power while still being efficient. This space heater also offers a 15-gallon fuel tank, allowing it to operate for 20 hours on a low output level and 15 hours on a high output level, making it more economical than its competitors. 


The Val6 EPX is also one of the safest space heaters on the market. With settings to prevent overheating, automatically shut off if it tips over, and flame monitoring, your warehouse can remain safe while operating heaters. It is also on wheels, making it easy to move to different locations.

nortex has the answers

With cold weather being a common problem in workshops, space heaters are an efficient way to provide heat to your employees. The Val6 EPX space heater is one of the best options for providing immediate warmth even in drafty, poorly insulated shops. 

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