When Should You Use a Cold Pressure Washer?



Believe it or not, many people don’t realize that you can use a cold pressure and hot pressure washer for different things. Most people looking for pressure washers go with cold ones because that is a common one to invest in for cleaning material around your home. Here is a list of things you can use a cold pressure washer to clean.

to clean siding

A cold pressure washer is ideal for cleaning the siding of a home’s exterior because it acts as an incisive scraper, penetrating the surface and blasting away dirt and grime. Cold water also helps clean brick and mortar surfaces well, but it’s important to note that if you have damaged siding, regardless of the construction material used, that you should avoid spraying gaps until they are fully repaired. Cracks should be patched up a week prior to a good pressure washing.

to clean a garage door or driveway

If you need to get a surface of your home’s exterior cleaned quickly and efficiently, then a cold pressure washer will do the job. Cold water sufficiently cleans garage doors in a pinch, as well as driveways, where ants like to accumulate in cracks and crevices in the concrete. However, say your car is leaking oil. Cold water will not break up the spill because there is no chemical agent added that can “melt” the substance away. Hot water mixed with soap softens the bond between oil and concrete and wears the substance down for good.

to destroy wasp nests

Before attempting to knock down a wasp nest from your home’s exterior, always spray the area with a wasp spray. This way, when you blast away with the cold pressure washer, the wasps won’t become aggressive and go seeking revenge. Also make sure you are at a safe distance when you use the pressure washer; that machine is powerful!

why choose hotsy pressure washers?

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