What to Know About Your Pressure Washer Hose



You may know your pressure washer like the back of your hand, but do you happen to know about all its accessories that help get the job done?

One of the most important accessories is your pressure washer hose. Here’s what to know!

What to know about your pressure washer hose

your pressure washer hose will often consist of 3 layers

The Inner Tube:

This layer is ready for any detergents and high-pressured water that comes its way. Commonly lined with a material that can withstand cleaning solvents and extreme temperatures, this layer works hard to deliver exceptional cleaning power.

The Middle Layer:

Usually made from wire-braid or high-quality yarn, this reinforcement layer is what keeps the hose in one piece.

The Hose Cover:

This layer is a lot like the inner tube but allows for heat to escape preventing breakage and blisters along the hose.

pressure washer hose diameter

There are three widths to choose from when it comes to the diameter of your hose.

First, is the smallest; approximately a quarter inch. It’s best used for smaller washers and jobs requiring less than 3,000 psi.

Then there’s the 5/16-inch hose that lies in the middle, best used for 3,000-3,400 psi.

Lastly, the 3/8-inch hose is the largest on the market and is ready for some professional-grade cleaning and a water pressure up to 5,000 psi.

Pressure washer hose length

Hoses come in many lengths, so think about your job at hand and select what will work best!

keep connections in mind

Your hose connects 1. to the pump and 2. to the spray gun.

The hose can be connected to the pump in two ways, whereas the hose and spray gun can be connected in four. Be aware of the inlets on your spray guns and your pump, ensuring that you purchase the right hose that will fit your machine.

For all your pressure washing needs, call on NorTex Sales & Service. We have experts ready to help you find the high-quality pressure washer hose that’s right for you. Give us a call at 1-800-652-2864 today!

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