The Ultimate Guide to Pressure Washer Nozzles



No matter what you’re using your pressure washer for, it’s important to understand what type of nozzle you need for the job at hand. In fact, even if you owned the most powerful pressure washer in the world, not pairing it with the right nozzle will weaken its efficiency. Thankfully, the nozzles are color-coded and we’ve laid out the ultimate guide that will help you pick which one is right for your job!

Red – Zero Degree

A red tip nozzle is the strongest blast you can get, but it’s also rarely used. It covers very little surface area and uses maximum force so it is often unsafe and takes too long to use for cleaning. This head is best used for removing concentrated substances like rust which could be caked on large, metal equipment like those used for construction.

Yellow – 15 Degrees

This nozzle uses less force and is ideal for prepping surfaces for painting. It can also be used for removing tough mud and dirt.

Green – 25 Degrees

The green nozzle is the one that’s most popular among homeowners. It covers a large area, which means it’s great for cleaning boats, cars, patio furniture and driveways.

White – 40 Degrees

This nozzle has an even wider range and is good for cleaning items like windows and blinds which need a gentler stream. The white nozzle can also be used for rinsing detergent off of equipment that could be damaged by a stronger spray pattern.

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