Trust in the Convenience of a Hotsy Electric Pressure Washer



Sometimes, you need the raw power of a gas powered pressure washer to remove tough stains and grime. For other jobs, however, a quiet, zero emission electric pressure is a much better answer. These pressure washers, by virtue of their simple design, are extremely rugged and reliable. Because they have no exhaust, they are ideal for indoor applications with limited ventilation.

Electric pressure washers are also well suited for jobs in areas with noise considerations. At NorTex Sales & Service, we carry a number of Hotsy brand electric pressure washers to accommodate the unique needs of our customers. In this entry, we’ll take a closer look at these exceptional machines.

Hotsy EP Series

Here, we have Hotsy’s portable cold water electric pressure washer. The EP Series offers a flexible, quiet alternative to larger gas options. Available with electric motors up to 5 Horsepower delivering pump pressures of up to 2000 PSI, the EP series packs considerable power into a simple, lightweight package. Best of all, when you buy an EP series pressure washer you gain the peace of mind that comes with an industry-leading 7-year warranty and ETL safety certification.

Hotsy HWE Series

This heavy-duty option is Hotsy’s electric hot water pressure washer. Both the motor and heating element are electric, making the HWE ideal for indoor applications such as food service and factory cleaning. Available with a powerful 7.5 horsepower motor, the HWE series is capable of delivering pressures up to 3000 PSI. And, as with all of Hotsy’s electric pressure washers, the HWE comes with a 7-year warranty and ETL safety certification.

The Benefits of Using Electric Powered Pressure Washers

As we continue to help the environment out, we need to be aware of the little things in life. The energy we use can have positive and negative impacts on the environment and our daily lives. With electric powered pressure washers, we’re not burning fossil fuels or using energy with gas powered equipment. This can save us time and money in many cases.

As we said above, the electric power washers have some advantages:

  • Ability to Use Indoors
  • Beneficial for Businesses Working Inside
  • Clean More Equipment
  • Eliminate Weather-Related Issues
  • Help the Environment

The Hotsy brand pressure washers we have available are the highest quality pressure washers you can get your hands on. Using an electric power pressure not only helps the environment, but it provides versatility when cleaning certain materials. You have the ability to clean several things indoors now once your invest in an electric powered pressure washer.

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