Tips for Pressure Washing Brick



Pressure washers are very powerful machines and can thoroughly clean many different surfaces.

Although pressure washers can be used in a multitude of ways, there are various precautions to be taken depending on the material being cleaned. Brick is a building component made of clay, sand, lime, or concrete. Bricks are typically joined together using mortar, which is a strong adhesive.

Bricks can be pressure washed, here are a few tips for pressure washing your brick home or business:

Tips for Pressure Washing Brick

repair any damage

Over time bricks can become brittle and break or crack in different places. It is important to repair any damages by replacing and damaged bricks. The intensity of the water from a pressure washer can further damage the unrepaired brick. Before you pressure wash, be sure to wait several days after you have made the repairs to the brick. The brick will need time to settle and the mortar to dry and weld to the building. 

rinse the brick

Before applying detergent and washing the brick, be sure to thoroughly rinse the brick and saturate the material. This will help avoid any stains after washing the brick. When pressure washing brick, use a 25-40 degree nozzle. Lower degree nozzles are more intense and best used for stronger surfaces. 

rotating brush

For tough stains on brick, a rotating brush can help clean dirt without being too abrasive on the material. Use a circular motion to release trapped oil and grime. Add the detergent and allow the soap to soak on the brick for a while to absorb any lingering dirt. Hotsy 99 is a highly concentrated detergent ideal for cleaning bricks. Once the brick has been soaked with detergent and water, gently rinse the brick to wash off the soap.

apply sealant

Allow the brick to fully dry and then apply a sealant to help seal the pores and repel dirt.

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