Remove Unsightly Graffiti With Hotsy Fat Cap



We’ve talked about Hotsy’s powerful detergent products in the past, but did you know they also make a chemical solution designed specifically for removing graffiti from exterior surfaces? Graffiti can mar the appearance of a storefront, making it less appealing to prospective customers and more likely to attract other types of petty crime in the future. It can also make public areas like parks and playgrounds seem unsafe and poorly maintained. Whether you’re a business owner or the director of a municipal cleaning service, you need a way to remove graffiti easily and completely.

Remove unsightly graffiti with Hotsy Fat Cap

that's where the hotsy fat cap graffiti remove comes in

Rather than being a detergent that you add to your pressure washer, this is a chemical treatment that you apply to surfaces prior to pressure washing. Just use a paint roller or garden sprayer to apply the Fat Cap formula to graffiti, and then allow it to sit for 90 seconds before washing the pre-treated surface with a pressure washer. The Fat Cap formula can be reapplied to the wet surface and washed again if necessary. Fat Cap is safe to use on many types of exterior surfaces, including brick, concrete, masonry, stone and wood. It can also be used on painted surfaces without leaving stains or shadowing effects.

Fat Cap Graffiti Remover is a great addition to the toolkit of any Hotsy pressure washer owner. To see the graffiti-removing solution in action, check out the video below! You’ll see just how easy it is to completely eliminate graffiti from a variety of surfaces using the Fat Cap solution.

Hotsy Fat Cap Graffiti Remover

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