Pressure Washers: What to Do Before and After Use



Properly caring for your pressure washer is essential to keeping it running just like the day you bought it. By taking the time to perform appropriate maintenance on your pressure washer, it will both keep it running efficiently and lengthen its lifespan. This process begins (and ends) with proper preparation and storage of your pressure washer!

Preparing your Pressure Washer Before Cleaning

Be sure to start at the source! With pressure washers, that means the fuel and oil. Check the levels of both fluids to ensure you have an appropriate amount without overfilling.

Next on the checklist are the screen and nozzle; Be sure the water inlet screen is fully intact, and your spray head is secure. This is a vital prep-step because highly pressurized water will be traveling through both parts.

Lastly, inspect your spray gun trigger and detergent. The spray gun must be working properly for maximum pressure washing efficiency. Your detergent siphoning tube, if you plan on using it, should be unclogged and ready to go. If clogged, be sure to clean it out before use.

Storing your Pressure Washer After your Cleaning Project is Complete

Your pressure washer put in some work and now deserves some rest. Be sure to wash all remaining detergent off of your equipment and run clean water through your pressure washer for one to two minutes.

Turn the washer off and let it settle as you run it until the water stops flowing. After it has cooled down, disassemble your washer. Drain the water from the spray gun and connected hose and remove leftover water from the pump. Finally, give your pressure washer a good wipe down, removing any excess water and it’s ready for storage!

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