Pressure Washer PSI: What Level is Right for You



One of the most important features of a pressure washer—and why, in effect, it can be such a useful tool—is its PSI, or pounds per square inch. This essentially signifies the pressure that is being dispersed and is available in different levels.

However, not all levels are created equal; the PSI you need all depends on the cleaning project you’re facing.

So, let’s dive into the different ranges of PSI and the cleaning tasks they are meant for:

Pressure Washer PSI: What Level is Right For You

1000 - 19000 psi

A PSI in the 1000s is your base level. It’s for the smaller household jobs, like BBQ grills, bikes and scooters, as well as any vehicles in the driveway.

If you’re looking to use a pressure washer for quite minimal work, at least in scope and size, then this PSI is the game for you.

2000 - 2900 psi

Stepping it up a notch is the 2000-range PSI, which allows the pressure washer to handle slightly bigger jobs. So not only can you use this PSI for the jobs mentioned above, but also, add any deck or dock work to that list, as well as cedar fencing.

3000 - 3900 psi

Next, we have the 3,000-range PSI, which marina and boat owners can use to clean boats, which require a bit more power. Falling into this category are ATVs, home siding, and asphalt driveways, as well.

Residential or commercial property owners: this may be your PSI of choice.

4000 psi or higher

And last but not least: 4,000 PSI and up.

Now, this is one of the more powerful PSIs on the market; it’s particularly beneficial for those looking to target machinery or metallic surfaces. That said, industrial property owners looking to hose down industrial equipment and graffiti/paint-stripping should scout this PSI for their pressure washer.

With PSI in mind, it’ll be easier to narrow down the pressure washer that’s right for you

At NorTex Sales & Service, we have cold and hot water pressure washers with a variety of PSIs to choose from. Give us a call at 800-652-2864 today to learn more!

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