Pressure Washer Maintenance for the Off-Season



Before you put away your pressure washer for the season, make sure to hammer out the rest of your cleaning tasks before the Fall rolls around, which is pretty soon. There are also other things to keep in mind before putting your pressure washer into storage like getting it ready to launch in the spring.

Here are some tips for maintenance for your pressure washer:

winterizing a pressure washer

Before you put your pressure washer away for storage in the off-season, you should be winterizing it first. One thing you’ll need to obtain and add to the gas tank is fuel stabilizer, and then run it through the system for 2 hours. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to clean out the detergent and water from the pump system by putting the detergent feed tube in clean water and run the pressure washer holding the trigger down for a few minutes. This will clean out the system.

The last thing you should do is add anti-freeze to the pump inlet if you think the winter will bring freezing temperatures.

pressure washer maintenance

Other maintenance tasks to keep in mind before storing your pressure washer for the season are:

  • Clean the Debris from the Cooling Vents
  • Lubricate the hose connections, spray gun and the wand
  • Replace any parts that need it
  • Clear out any clogs in the spray tip or other parts
  • Inspect the muffler and other parts for any faults

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