Prepare for Cold Weather With a Clean Burn Waste Oil Heater



As the cold weather months ensue, it’s time to turn on your furnace. Heating a workshop or garage can get pretty expensive in the winter, even here in Texas. These spaces aren’t always well insulated, and they’re typically quite large. 


Fortunately, for businesses that generate a lot of waste oil, there’s an energy-efficient alternative to conventional furnaces and space heaters that can heat your workspace for free.

With a Clean Burn waste oil Heater, you can put used motor oil to good use and keep your shop warm all winter long.

Prepare for Cold Weather with Clean Burn Waste Oil Heater

What is a Clean Burn Waste Oil Heater

Waste oil is any petroleum-based or synthetic oil that has become unusable because of impurities or loss of original properties. Disposing of waste oil is time-consuming and can be costly for businesses which is why if you can just reuse it, most companies prefer that route. 

A clean burn waste oil heater is a space heater that runs on used motor oil. These heaters are not only highly economical but also fully compliant with EPA emissions regulations. True to their name, they offer a clean, comfortable heat that won’t cost you a dime on your energy bills.

These heaters can be suspended from the ceiling, or attached to an elevated surface, and can be used as a freestanding unit, or integrated seamlessly into your central heating system. They also come in a variety of sizes and configurations to accommodate businesses with different space requirements. Whether you need a compact unit to heat a single room, or a larger furnace to heat your entire business, you can find a Clean Burn waste oil heater to suit your unique needs.

Where are Clean Burn Waste Oil Heaters Most Effective

The majority of clean burn waste oil heaters are perfect for garages and workshops for companies that produce waste oil. With differing sizes and features, there are options for any size and type of space. 

Shops That Produce a Large Amount of Waste Oil

Clean burn waste oil heaters offer options for workshops that are larger in size and produce higher amounts of waste oil. Some of these include:

  • CB-3500: The CB-3500 provides industrial-grade power and efficiency, eliminating waste oil and producing up to 350,000 BTU/hr. This furnace is ideal for shops and garages with four or more bays, where large amounts of waste oil are generated.
  • CB-5000: The CB-5000 generates approximately 500,000 BTU/hr of heating power, making it an ideal option for facilities working from multiple bays and servicing five or more vehicles at one time.
  • CB-2500: The CB-2500 produces 250,000 BTU/hr and is best used in facilities collecting more than 1000 gallons of waste oil annually. It has a design optimized to preheat and get the highest level of efficiency out of each gallon of oil which makes it perfect for larger facilities, including 2 or 4 bay auto repair and truck service shops.

Shops That Produce a Small Amount of Waste Oil

For smaller shops that produce less waste oil, clean burn offers options perfect for these types of spaces as well.

  • CB-1750: This is one of the most efficient options that clean burn offers and is perfect for facilities that generate smaller, regular quantities of waste oil.
  • CB-140: The CB-140 is compact and economical which makes it a perfect option for small shops and garages. Producing approximately 140,000 BTU/hr, the CB-140 provides more heat output while using less oil.

The CB-140 is compact and economical which makes it a perfect option for small shops and garages. Producing approximately 140,000 BTU/hr, the CB-140 provides more heat output while using less oil.

Find Your Perfect Heater

Interested in generating your own heat with waste oil in a highly-efficient Clean Burn heater? You can browse all the Clean Burn heaters we carry online or give us a call today at our toll-free number to learn more about any of the products we offer at North Texas Sales & Distribution.

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