Power in Mobility and the Hotsy Trail Blazer



When you’re working in the construction, oil, gas, and mining industries, a decent portion of your day is devoted to post-project cleanup, and this usually means you’re covering a large surface area when cleaning heavy duty equipment.

For companies moving from job site to job site, the Hotsy Trail Blazer is your all-in-one mobile cleaning unit that provides the portability and strength needed to make on-site construction cleaning more manageable. Learn how below.

Power in Mobility and the Hotsy Trail Blazer

The convenient mobility that comes along with using a trailer-mounted pressure washer system at a construction job site affords your company reassurance in multiple aspects. First, you won’t have to worry about anyone driving off with your trailer-mounted pressure washer because that won’t be an easy task. Guard locks on the wheels make it difficult for a thief to do this without another vehicle to tow it off. Additionally, the heavy-duty chassis on a single axle trailer is holding a 200-gallon water tank, with the weight of the equipment essentially securing itself. With the Hotsy Trail Blazer, theft isn’t an issue of importance.

Trailer-mounted pressure washers not only look more presentable to new potential customers, but they are also easier to upgrade. You won’t need to buy a new vehicle fleet in order to attach the trailers. Another benefit, especially when you use the Hotsy Trail Blazer, is that you will be saving space at the job site, and that will aid business growth as you can use more storage for other equipment and services.

Tar, grease, and dirt build up quickly on construction equipment. Your company needs a machine that is versatile and flexible in design and unique features that allow you to keep up, wherever your projects take you. The Hotsy Trail Blazer comes with 15-inch white spoke wheel assembly, electric brakes, hose reels, and so much more. Call us today at 800-652-2864 to learn about our many trailer-mounted Hotsy series, or get in touch with us here.

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