Keep Workspaces Warm With a Hotsy RedHot Cannon Heater



In addition to offering a diverse lineup of powerful industrial pressure washers, Hotsy also designs and manufactures its own line of indirect-fired portable heaters as well. Hotsy’s RedHot cannon heaters are ideal for heating construction sites, warehouses and more. They can even be used to help start stubborn engines in cold weather.

Thanks to their innovative four pass heat exchange technology, RedHot cannon heaters are also some of the most efficient indirect-fired heaters on the market.

Hotsy’s RedHot heaters are available in three different models with heat outputs that range from 95,000 BTUs all the way to 258,000 BTUs. The smallest RedHot model is capable of heating 1000 CFM, while the largest option can heat an impressive 2500 CFM. With a 28 gallon fuel tank, the largest RedHot model also offers a continuous runtime of up to 14 hours.

RedHot cannon heaters can also be equipped with a ducting attachment and hoses to allow you to precisely direct heat to different areas of your workspace. This way, you can heat indoor spaces even while your heating unit is positioned outside.

All of Hotsy’s RedHot heaters are CSA approved, so you can rest easy knowing they’re exceptionally safe as well. Check out the video below to learn more about these great portable heaters!

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