Increase Detergent Cleaning Power With a Foam Cannon



In addition to making powerful industrial pressure washers, Hotsy also produces its own line of detergent products to make your pressure washer even more useful. These detergents cover a wide range of applications, from food-safe options to degreasers for heavy farm equipment.

Increase Detergent cleaning power with a foam canon

But no matter how effective these specialized detergents are, you may find that a standard spray nozzle isn’t always the best tool for applying detergents to surfaces. To get the best possible results from your Hotsy detergents, consider using the foam cannon attachment instead.

This handy accessory adds a devoted detergent reservoir to the end of your trigger gun. As you pull the trigger, air and water is mixed with the detergent to generate foam that can be dispensed in a wide 30 foot cleaning radius. This way, you can easily cover large, uninterrupted surfaces in a thick, even blanket of detergent. Not only does this foaming action help detergent adhere to wet surfaces, it also helps to cut through stubborn grit and grime as the bubbles burst.

The Hotsy foam cannon is very similar to the detergent sprayers you might find at a car wash. Likewise, it’s ideal addition to wash bay systems for trucks, buses or other pieces of heavy equipment.

To see how the foam cannon can make cleaning your fleet of vehicles even easier, check out the video below! And if you’d like to learn more about this or any of the other products and services we offer at North Texas Sales & Distribution, give us a call or contact us online today!

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