How to Winterize Your Hot-Water Pressure Washer



The cool temps are on their way and one household task that many people forget about is winterizing your pressure washer.

You may be wondering why winterizing your pressure washer is even necessary.

Well, doing so will help protect the internal seals of your washer by maintaining their lubrication when out of season. Take a look at the five accessories you should own if you have a pressure washer.

Follow these simple steps to winterize your pressure washer this season!

1. Anti-freeze

Run Anti-Freeze Solution Through the Washer

Disconnect the water supply from your pressure washer and connect the anti-freeze solution container. This solution can be any anti-freeze or wiper fluid.

Turn on the pressure washer to allow for the solution to flow through the equipment, hitting every nook and cranny, properly preparing it for storage.

Check out Hotsy’s video on winterizing here for a more in-depth look!

2. Flush water & dry

Flush Out All Excess Water and Dry

Flush out water and detergent by placing your washer’s injection tube into a bucket of clean water. Run on a low pressure setting and then turn off the engine.

Disconnect and thoroughly dry all of the components and pull the recoil a few times to release any extra trapped water.

3. Pump Saver

Add Pump Saver to the Pump Inlet

The final step to winterizing your pressure washer is your pump saver!

Pump savers stop moisture from forming inside the pump which could freeze in cold weather. It also prevents any mineral deposits from forming.

At NorTex Sales & Service, we supply only the best hot water cleaning equipment, and our certified technicians are happy to help answer any questions you have about your hot-water pressure washer. Call us at free at 214-630-7310, we would love to help!

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