How to Fix Your Common Pressure Washer Problems



Although your trusty pressure washer has battled the toughest cleaning projects with you, the well-oiled machine can sometimes act up and experience small problems.

If you’re using your pressure washer daily, then you have likely run into a few issues.

Here are a few of the most common pressure washing problems and how you can fix them!

Why is my Pressure Washer Losing Pressure?

Pressure is a very important element in your pressure washer, so how is it that you’re low on pressure?

Well, it could be a couple of things, namely:

  • Insufficient water source
  • Incorrect nozzle size
  • Blockage in the water flow
  • Kink in the hose

So, all is not lost when low on pressure—it just means that you have to fix those small kinks! Check your water inlet and unblock your hose to let the water flow through with ease.

Why is my Pressure Washer Pump Leaking?

Again, there are a few culprits that could have caused this issue: damaged pressure seals or an activated thermal valve.

If your pressure seals are damaged or broken completely, the fix is to simply replace them.

If it’s not your seals, check your thermal valve; it may have activated to release the hot water in order to protect the pump. Turn your pressure washer off, let it cool and you should be ready to get back to cleaning shortly after!

Why is Oil Leaking from my Pressure Washer?

A common problem with an easy solution: oil leakage. Usually this means that you have a few bolts loose or your seals are damaged.

Tighten all loose-fitting bolts and replace all necessary pressure seals and you should be good to go!

We hope that your pressure washing problems are simple DIY fixes, but if the issue is just too big to take care of yourself, you have the team at North Texas Sales & Distribution to call on. Give us a call at 214-630-7310 to help solve your problems!

Trust in our service and repair to get your pressure washer back in action.

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