How to Clean Your Heavy Equipment More Efficiently



Your heavy equipment works hard, taking on whatever project you need completed. During this work, however, your equipment tends to develop a good amount of dirt and grime.

In order to ensure that it’s ready for your next project, here are a few tips to help you clean your heavy equipment more efficiently.

How to Clean your heavy equipment more efficiently

Clean your equipment more consistently

An efficient cleaning stems from a consistent cleaning routine. Built-up dirt can add friction to the moving parts of your heavy equipment, putting more strain on the machine than it can handle.

Not only does regular cleaning keep your equipment functioning properly, it extends the life-span of your equipment, as well.

An efficient cleaning produces a more efficient piece of heavy equipment, raring to get back to work.

Utilize a Hot-Water Pressure Washer

It’s not enough to take to your equipment with warm, soapy water. There needs to be a concentrated force of high-pressured water that can loosen up the dirt that has been caked on over time. Just be sure that you’re using your hot-water pressure washer at the right pressure to clean your equipment thoroughly.

Separate your Equipment by Parts

Instead of tackling the entire piece of equipment, why not make your job easier by dismantling all of the removable parts and cleaning them separately?

This way, loose dirt and accumulated grime that has been hiding away, can be easily reached with a pressure washer and removed from the premise.

cut your cleaning time in half with cuda

Now when it comes to the parts you have removed, you should consider saving your team some time by taking advantage of a machine that cleans other machines all on its own. The Cuda front and top loading parts washer makes it easy to clean tools, parts and engine components. So, while you’re pressure washing the bulk of the heavy equipment, your Cuda washer can take care of the rest!

For all of your heavy equipment cleaning needs, look to North Texas Sales & Distribution. We’re your NorTex Sales & Service resource for all things Hotsy. Call us at 1-800-652-2864 today to learn more about our products, supplies and accessories!

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