See How Hotsy’s Turbo Nozzle Cuts Through Caked-On Mud



In addition to building powerful industrial pressure washers, Hotsy also designs and manufactures a number of handy accessories to make their pressure washers even more useful and versatile. One of our favorite pressure washer accessories is the Hotsy turbo nozzle—a specialized nozzle designed for especially tough cleaning jobs.

The turbo nozzle is great for cleaning thick layers of mud from the tracks on a piece of heavy equipment, or removing loose, aging paint from a building’s exterior. It’s also ideal for a variety of agricultural applications, such as cleaning a cow shed or the concrete floor of a barn. Because the turbo nozzle is so powerful, it should not be used to clean cars, trucks or other sensitive surfaces that could be damaged by the high-pressure stream of water.

See how hotsy's turbo nozzle cuts through mud

So what makes the turbo nozzle so effective?

Rather than delivering water in a straight stream, the turbo nozzle imparts a rotating conical motion to the stream. This aggressive spray pattern allows the turbo nozzle to penetrate through caked-on grit and grime more effectively than a standard nozzle. It can also make it easier to clean surfaces in tight spaces or at awkward angles.

The turbo nozzle’s zero-degree stream spins so fast that you can’t even see the rotational motion while it’s operating. Thanks to the folks at Hotsy, however, we can watch a slow-motion animation of the turbo nozzle’s spinning stream in the video below. Check it out, and see for yourself how the turbo nozzle can make your pressure washer even more powerful and effective than it already is.

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