Hotsy Detergent Product Highlights



The Hotsy Pressure Washer Detergent line is tough on grime. That’s the kind of once-through product you need to cut the time you would spend needlessly scrubbing.

Check out the following list of Hotsy detergents we sell at North Texas Sales & Distribution that can handle the hard cleans.

All-Purpose Cleaners

Product 31

Is ideal for cleaning farm equipment, stainless steel, whitewalls, vinyl tops, dirt, and for other general agricultural purposes. Product 31 is also a top choice for vehicle cleaning, as its gentle composition easily tackles road film and dirt.

Blue Thunder

Works just like Product 31, and can be applied in the same instances. To that list we add flooring, walls, exhaust trails, decks, fences, siding, and houses. We recommend using this all-purpose cleaner with cold water.


This all-purpose cleaner is highly concentrated and chalk-full of the cleaning chemicals needed in order to tackle tough grime, crude oil, and fifth-wheel grease build-up. This product is great for use on car finishes and for general cleaning applications.


Hotsy Brown 

Is five gallons of superior chemical substance concocted with caustic base for a fast and accurate cleaning. This cleaner is non-butyl and it effective on carbon based deposits. We don’t recommend use on fine finishes, aluminum, galvanized metal, or magnesium.

Ripper I

This cleaner is also non-caustic and is best used on heavy equipment and trucks. It is a fast-acting agent that breaks up grease on hard-to-remove surfaces. This product is safe to use indoors and also on painted surfaces if necessary.

Ripper II

The choice of construction industry professionals, Ripper II is a heavy-duty detergent that can clean stubborn substances off of heavy equipment and off-road machinery, as well as engines, mines, and an array of construction equipment.

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