Five Essential Accessories Your Pressure Washer Needs



Designed for improving the efficiency and speed of cleaning, pressure washer accessories are a must-have for getting the job done right. If pressure washing is on your to-do list this season, your toolkit should include the following five accessories!

turbo nozzle

For debris stuck in the cavities and cracks of hard surfaces, a turbo nozzle proves invaluable. A zero-degree nozzle with a powerful spray pattern gives you a wider cleaning path, getting the job done faster and more efficiently. Turbo nozzles are easy to mount onto your pressure washer and prove to be an essential accessory for hard-to-clean surfaces.

soap injector

Sometimes, both soap and water are necessary to obtain ideal cleaning results. Add a soap injector to your pressure washer to get an even layer of soap on your dirty surfaces. Attach the injector on the end of the pressure-washing unit to a spray wand, put soap in the canister, and watch as the water passes through into the spray nozzle on the other end! Let the soap soak in for a few minutes and then power wash clean.

Pressure Washer Extension Hose

extension hose

Hard-to-reach spots higher than shoulder height require an extension accessory for proper cleaning. Extend the reach of your pressure washer wand with an extension hose for effortless, convenient cleaning. Cut cleaning time in half and reach places like siding, high windows, and gutters with ease. Ensure the hose you purchase can withstand your pressure washer’s highest levels of pressure, and check the diameter of the extension hose for proper fit.

surface cleaner

Accessories that substantially cut cleaning time are more than worth it. Clean your large, flat surfaces faster with a surface cleaner. Surface cleaners attach to the pressure washer wand and come in different shapes and sizes, but the most commonly used attachments are disk-shaped. Use the surface cleaner for jobs like polishing tiles and cleaning garage floors.

trigger guns

Make your pressure washing more comfortable with a trigger gun. Trigger guns allow you to adjust how you want your pressure washer to perform. A small rotating part on the end of the barrel gives you similar effects to a rotating nozzle. Trigger guns often reduce fatigue in users, offering easier grip and maneuverability.

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