Choosing the Right Spray Wand for Your Pressure Washer



Having a reliable water pressure washer on hand is essential for all of your home, car, and property needs. It’ll save you time (and money) when compared to paid washer services, and give your properties and possessions the nice, clean shine they deserve. At Hotsy, we offer the best selection of water pressure washers in the North Texas area to really get that job done.

Not every pressure washer is the same. Some require certain spray wands to effectively work in any given setting. Here’s some advice to choose the right spray wand for your next wash.

Choosing the right spray wand for your pressure washer

When you'll need the hotsy gun

Our choice of spray guns can address whatever needs and demands you may have for your hot or cold water pressure washers. Our PSI 5000 can handle temperatures up to 320 degrees Fahrenheit—perfect for the hot wash that your car’s mechanical interior, like its engine, will need to get rid of that grease.

Likewise, the PSI 3750 and 4500 can go up to 300 degrees. These accessories can handle all sorts of hot washes. For your restaurant kitchen, a strong, hot pressure is needed to clean the serving and preparation areas of any grease buildup—an essential in the industry. For construction, only a hot water pressure washer can really get rid of oil or grease on site, or equipment.

when you'll need the hotsy lance

Compared to our spray gun selection, lances are much longer spray wands that allow you to reach farther places than a gun could. They’re perfect for any job that involves a hard-to-reach place, or stretching of any sort. At Hotsy, our lances come in three categories—dual, hot, or cold. The dual lance can handle both your hot and cold wash needs. For jobs that demand hot washes, like the ones we mentioned before, the hot water lance should be your choice.

But for cold washes, the cold water lance for pressure washers is ideal. A cold wash is really needed when cleaning a house’s siding, especially brick, or tile, as you’ll need to be able to wash high and low, without accruing any damage. Furthermore, the cold water lances work wonders on driveways or garage doors, as the same principles apply. But the notion of spraying from afar really comes into play with wasps’ nests, a problem we all know well in North Texas. A cold water lance will destroy that nest, and, most importantly, keep you safe.

There’s a reason why NorTex Sales & Service made 8,500 on-site, next day service calls last year. Find out why so many businesses and homeowners turn to us for the right pressure washing equipment by visiting our about us page today!

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