Choosing the Right Pressure Washer Nozzle



Pressure washers help us get rid of the stains of use that are unpleasing to the eye, and often on the toughest surfaces, like concrete and wood. Using the incorrect nozzle on your pressure washer, however, could prove fatal, even stripping the paint from a vehicle or damaging a wooden deck.

Before you start using your pressure washer, you should make sure you are using the right nozzles from NorTex Sales & Service to get your specific job done safely. Here’s a guide on how to pick the correct nozzle.

Choosing the right pressure washer nozzle

spray angle

Different nozzles will provide you with different spray angles. A soaping nozzle, for example, usually uses a 65-degree angle and won’t be able to deep clean many surfaces. Meanwhile, a maximum blast nozzle uses a 0-degree angle and won’t allow you to cover much ground while cleaning, which makes it impractical and potentially even unsafe to use on some surfaces.

The spray angles in between—40, 25, and 15 degrees—are usually your best options for pressure washing purposes. You should start on the high end and then move down until you find the right nozzle for your job.

If you are unsure of which nozzle will get the job done, you might want to consider buying a spray nozzle kit, such as the Legacy 4 and 5 pk Nozzle Kit, which includes green, white, and black tips and are color-coded according to spray angle, from 0 degrees to 25 and 40 degrees.


Outside of considering your spray angle, you should also consider the surface you are planning to pressure wash while choosing a nozzle. If you have a painted surface, you are probably going to want to go with a nozzle with a larger spray angle to prevent it from peeling the paint off, such as the Hotsy Adjustable Fan Nozzle that can adjust the spray angle from 0 degrees up to 80 degrees when you twist the nozzle head.

If you have a surface that can withstand a maximum blast and you have a stubborn stain that might be your best bet. But starting with a high spray angle and working down is usually a good idea since it will help you avoid damaging a surface.

psi (pounds per square inch)

Not all nozzles are equipped to handle the high PSIs associated with some pressure washers. Before you begin using a specific nozzle, you should make sure that it is going to be able to handle the pressure associated with your washer. Otherwise, your equipment could either malfunction or not perform the way you expect it to when you turn it on and start pressure washing.

NorTex Sales & Service offers a variety of nozzles for use with our Hotsy hot water or cold water pressure washers. For a service or repair request, call us at 214-630-7310 today to set up an appointment.

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