3 Tips for Pressure Washing Concrete



Looking to give your concrete a deep clean? It’s time to put your pressure washer to good use, yet again!

A pressure washer is one of the most efficient ways to remove built-up dirt and stains from your concrete, making it look like new again.

How? Here are 3 tips for pressure washing concrete!

Choose the right size pressure washer for the job

From small pressure washers that are designed for homeowners to large machines that are ideal for industrial facilities, you’ll need to choose the right size pressure washer for your specific job.

Ideally, you should look for one that can deliver 3,000 psi.

It’ll give you the power to rid the concrete of unwanted dirt and built-up grime.

3 Tips for Pressure Washing Concrete

Consider Using a Hot water pressure washer on oil and grease

Do you have tough oil and grease stains that have set into your concrete?

A cold-water pressure washer could still suffice but crank up the heat with a hot-water pressure washer and you’ll have the heavy-duty cleaning machine you need. It’ll cut through oil and grease and make them an afterthought in no time.

stay safe while utilizing a pressure washer

It might not look like it but pressure washing can actually pose a couple dangers. You can injure yourself and others if you mishandle the equipment. You should only aim your pressure washer at the concrete surface that you’re cleaning. Also, always remember to wear protective gear to keep you safe and dry!

Would you like to get your hands on some of the most powerful pressure washers in the business?

NorTex Sales & Service has hot water pressure washers as well as cold water units ready to tackle your next job. Call us at 1-800-652-2864 today to learn more!

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